Rental Information

This information is for non-Flat Rock Schools clients.    

For Flat Rock Schools related requests, please visits the "FR Staff Resources" page

Current Rates:

Weekdays (Monday-Friday): $150.00 per hour

Saturdays: $250.00 per hour

Sundays and Holidays*: $300.00 per hour

*this includes FR Schools scheduled breaks.

Note:  Our rates are "all inclusive."  The only additional charges is a $12.00 per hour salary for the required two-person student crew during your rental period.  This fee is paid directly to each student crew member.

For rental inquiries, contact:

James Engelbert, Auditorium Manager


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Payment Information:

Send all payments and deposits in the form of a check or money order (payable to "Flat Rock Community Schools") to:

Flat Rock Community Auditorium

c/o James Engelbert

25600 Seneca St.

Flat Rock, MI 48134

Please include a copy of your contract with all correspondence.